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Looking different lives finding different world. Vive la Difference Project was born in 2004 by Giulia Petrò. After working for a long period like textile designer, Giulia achieved a perfect knowledge about materials and their processing. Inspired and influenced by different treatments of the fabrics, she decided to performer the same techniques on the leather and she provided her concept of ‘difference’. Absorbing the imperfection of the raw skin , the leather is dyed and washed with particular hand-created treatment, as if it was a real fabric, obtaining an exceptional result due to natural shades and colors. The manufacturing, exclusively Made In Italy, and the choice of materials give special attention to collect last trends from all over the world, finding its identity in own unique style. The essence is the creation of bags with strong defined aesthetics. The apparent simplicity of Vive la Difference accessories hides the hand-craftsmanship by contemporary artisans. Vive la Difference is in a constant search for new ways of building up a distinctive and ‘difference’ identity in order to make the customer feels part of this ‘difference’.